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PhotographerTaylor McCormick's Surreal Images 

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Taylor McCormick was born on September 14, 1993 in Edgewood, Kentucky. Moving at the age of 2, she’s called John’s Creek, Georgia her home for the past 17 years. She is a freshman studying Photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She became interested in photography 6 years ago and what has started as a hobby as grown into a passion and way of life. Becoming more involved in the online community of photographers on Flickr, she’s had the opportunity to travel and collaborate with other artists in places such as Atlanta, Washington D.C., Indiana, Portland, OR, New York, and Los Angeles. All she wants in the future is to be able to live off of her passion and travel the world with the people she loves.


Eat food from farmers markets.
Drink good tea each morning.
Read books that make you feel.
Paint, even if you’re awful.
Write, even when you have nothing to say.
Sit in the fresh air outside.
Go on hikes.
Swim in lakes and wade in streams.
Sleep as long as you need.
Work hard at what you love.
Work hard at what you hate.

Love unconditionally and wholeheartedly.


How to stay Happy  (via soulsoaked) ←

"Before you know it it’s 3 am and you’re 80 years old and you can’t remember what it was like to have 20 year old thoughts or a 10 year old heart."

This is the scariest fucking text post I’ve ever read (via fuckinq) ←